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Al-Sisi announces candidacy to a Second Presidential Term in Egypt Egyptian President: I know Thieves and Corrupts and will Never Allow Them to Approach the Presidency Seat

Egyptian president, Abd Al-Fattah Al-Sisi, announced his candidacy for a second presidential term in Egypt on air during a TV speech last Friday. Al-Sisi asserted that the upcoming presidential elections will be an ideal for transparency and integrity. He said: “I carried the responsibility and exerted all efforts to maintain …

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Attended by Shatara and Al-Naqueeb, Coordinative Committee of the Southern Transitional Council in UK Holds a Forum Celebrating Reconciliation and Tolerance

Coordinative committee of the southern transitional Council in Sheffield and Rodham held a forum celebrating reconciliation and tolerance with the attendance of Lotfy Shatara, chairman of media department and Dr. Aidarous Al-Naqueeb, chairman of foreign affairs department at the southern transitional council in addition to southern activists and members of …

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Shatara to the European Council for Foreign Affairs: The Southern Transitional Council is the Choice of the Southern People

Members of the presidency of the southern transitional council and chairman of media department, Lotfy Shatara, asserted that the southern transitional council represents the will of the southern people who is lounging for restoring his state after two decades of struggle intercepted by two wars in 1994 and 2015. “During …

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