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Abu Mazen: USA is No Longer a Reliable Partner in Peace Process, King Salman Asserted that Saudi Arabia Will Never Accept a Solution Not Recognizing East Jerusalem as a Palestinian Capital

Mahmoud Abbas, Abu Mazen, president of the Palestinian Authority, indicated that Palestine no longer considers USA as a reliable partner in peace process after Trump’s late decision recognizing Jerusalem as capital of Israel. Abbas indicated that King Salman of Saudi Arabia asserted to him that Saudi Arabia will never accept …

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UN General Assembly Meets About Jerusalem Next Thursday

After approving a decision confirming the Palestinian Right of self-determination, with majority of 176 countries out of 193 countries, the UN general assembly will hold an urgent session, described as “rare”, next Thursday upon the request of Arab and Islamic countries. The meeting concerns with the decision of US president, …

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A Suicidal Attack in Mogadishu with Several Casualties

Somalis official sources indicated that at least 13 elements of the police forces were killed in a suicidal attack in Mogadishu launched by a suicide bomber in a police uniform. Reuters broadcasted the statement of Mohamed Husain, a police officer saying that: “A suicide bomber sneaked into the yard of …

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