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Israeli Court Extends the Arrest of Ahd Al-Tamimy

An Israeli military court extended the arrest of Agd Al-Tamimy, a 16-year old Palestinian girl, for at least two days on Monday. On December 15th, 2017, Al-Tamimy appeared in a video clip shared on social media, hitting two Israeli soldiers before she and her mother were arrested on December 19th. …

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Al-Shabhy to King Faisal Center for Research: The Upcoming Southern State will Maintain Joint Interests with Other Countries

Member of the department of foreign affairs in the southern transitional council, Adel Al-Shabhy, indicated that the upcoming southern state will preserve social peace, human values and joint interests with brothers of the gulf and north countries. This came in response to a question asked by his highness prince Turkey …

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Saudi Air Defense Intercepts a Ballistic Missile Over Riyadh

Saudi air defenses intercepted a ballistic missile over Riyadh. This is the second missile launched by Al-Houthi militias against Riyadh. This escalation comes as a response to severe defeats of Al-Houthi militias on the hands of the southern resistance, the national army and the Arab Ally who achieved major victories …

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Amman Responds to the International Criminal Court’s Order Concerning the Visit of the Sudanese President

Jordanian ministry of foreign affairs indicated that Jordan is discussing seriously the court order issued by the International Criminal Court concerning the visit of Omar Hasan Al-Basheer, President of Sudan, last March to Amman. Mohamed Al-Kabed, spokesman of the Jordanian ministry of affairs said: “The Jordanian government is seriously discussing …

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