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In Memory of Wajdy Al-Sunidi Al-Yafeai

On June 8th, 2015, Wajdi Ahmed Hasan Al-Sunidi fell as a hero martyr in the battel of dignity to liberate the southern soil from Yemeni Occupation militias in “Akamat Salah” – Al-Dalia. Today is the third anniversary of his martyrdom. Wajdi Ahmed Hasan Al-Sunidi was born in 1982 in Amsdara …

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Loyalty is a Custom of the Kind

Sons of United Arab Emirates prove that they are the precious Arab brothers of us. They are the ones whom the folk poet meant in his saying: “The best brother is one that keeps your head up… and our heads are up with you”. You’re are the loyal men in …

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We Are not Daggers in the Back of Allies

To all components of the Yemeni occupation government, legitimacy and coup and what is in between: Our guns will never be with yours. We are in conflict with you. A conflict that is bigger than to be minimized to a spoon of rice, electric current, arresting an innocent person or …

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Socotra Fights Natural Disasters and Enemy Disasters Too!!

Socotra is one of the largest Arab islands. It dates back to the stone age. It was the land of sacred goods like Frankincense, Commiphora and Incense. Ancient Greeks and Romans called it the land of happiness. In our age, Socotra remained present with its virgin archipelago, valleys, shores and …

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Two Political Lies Told to the World by the Escape Legitimacy

Two political lies told to the world by the escape legitimacy. The first lie is “The Shiite Tide” while the second is “The National Sovereignty”. The third, fourth and fifth lies are on the way. The Yemeni legitimacy lied about national sovereignty. UAE uncovered this lie through the humanitarian deeds …

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Yemeni Legitimacy … One Reason for Failure

When national identity is absent in any project, it will eventually fail. The national identity always remains in the heart and consciousness of the nation. The peaceful southern movement faced the Yemen war machine for ten years with the southern national southern identity. Al-Houthis achieved their victories over the so-called …

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