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The “Conference” … A Wolf in a Lamb’s Fur!!

Nearly a month ago, cries of the leaders of the General Public Conference Party reached all ears complaining about Al-Houthi acts against them as if this is a whole new fashion in politics!!! Suddenly, they complain about being imprisoned, suppressed and denied off their political, democratic and legal rights!!! Suddenly …

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Two Wishes at the Beginning of 2018

Two wishes I hope to come true in 2018: The first one is from president Hady to abolish the administrative division of 1997 and to return Bab Al-Mandeb to Adan governorate The second with is from general Aidarous Al-Zubaidy and leaders of the southern movement to assert in their statements …

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No More Rattles Nor Political Games

There are still some people who are being deceived by the idea of a southern – southern dialogue. Those politically blind persons think that the salvation of the south is in the impossible consensus – an idea that even God’s prophets didn’t have!! They forget the fact that the southern …

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This Is Why Our Bet is on the Transitional Council

Some of us talk about how underdeveloped the north is while our south is sinking in it. They discuss the north-financed terrorism while terrorist and extreme thoughts are implanted in our houses and mosques. They attack barbaric militias that kidnapped the state and religion in the north as if the …

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Stop Numbing the Southern Will

We realize the severe pressures towards ending the war and return to the political solution as the military solution is not at hand in the near future because of several reasons that any observer can conclude easily. The Arab Ally rushed towards lobbying the ousted Saleh and convinced him to …

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Recent Southern Victories … A Message to the Arab Ally

Recently, we witnessed actual glorious victories achieved by the heroes of the southern resistance on all fronts of honor against the Iranian invasion that carried destruction and death to northern and southern governorates. These victories will be memorized in the history of struggle against the dark forces that fight our …

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