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New Advances for Southern Troops in Taiz

Troops of the second brigade infantery (Hazm) and southern resistance blocked an attack launched by Al-Houthis on Al-Shurijah, Al-Khazzan and Gebel Al-Merkham and the nearby hills, causing the militias tens of killings and injuries. Southern troops also launched a sudden attack with heavy and moderate weapons on Gebel Al-Aswad, overseeing …

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Arab Coalition Air Forces and Southern Resistance Initiate Painful Strikes Against Al-Houthis in “Alrahedah – Al-Shurijah” front – Taiz

Arab Coalition air forces initiated fierce air raids on Al-Suhi, Thubrah and Amlah, between Al-Rahedah, controlled by Al-Houthis and Al-Shurijah, a liberated territory. A military source indicated that nearly 20 militants were killed because of the coalition air raids and the southern resistance bombard. He added that several military sets …

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Security Belt in Al-Mahfed Arrests A terrorist

Local sources indicated that security belt troops in Al-Mahfed – Abian arrested a terrorist during a security campaign against terrorist dens in Al-Mahfed. Sources indicated that SWAT teams of the security belt arrested a wanted terrorist with amounts of explosives in his possession, the arrest came along a hunting campaign …

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Prominent Al-Houthi Commander Arrested in Taiz

Media sources indicated that Sheikh Sadek Maihoub, a prominent Houthi commander, was arrested on April 21st, 2018, by the southern resistance and security belt troops in Taiz. . Maihoub is the tribal leader of Al-Turaian and commander of Hammalah front. He fought for Al-Houthis in Al-Selow, Al-Qubaita and Karsh.

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Saudi Ambassador to Yemen: Al-Houthis Hold 19 Oil Carriers in Yemen

Mohamed Al Gaber, Saudi ambassador to Yemen, indicated that Al-Houthi militias, supported by Iran, are holding about 19 ships carrying oil extracts at the trawlers under their control. The ambassador, who is also the executive directors of the center for supporting Inclusive Humanitarian aids Operations in Yemen, said in a …

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Al-Houthis SWAT Commander Killed in Suda

Media sources indicated that Gar Allah Salem Mohamed Al-Gaouny (Abu Mekdad), commander of Al-Houthi SWAT teams was killed in clashes with the national army in Wadi Al-Magraf – south of Al-Hasma – Al-Zaher, on the borders with Suda. Al-Gaouny took advanced training in Iran and Lebanon before he was killed. …

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