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Mansour Saleh: Despite the Generous Support, Ben Daghar’s Government is A Mere Bubble and No Bargaining on the Goals of the Southern Transitional Council to Restore the Sovereign State of the South

In TV interview broadcasted on Balquees TV Channel on Friday, Mansour Saleh, a prominent southern journalist who is very close to the presidency of the southern transitional council, indicated that the legitimacy of the southern transitional council is undoubted, especially after full support of the whole south and its military …

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Local Leadership of the Southern Transitional Council in Hadhramaut Issues a Statement About Anti-Terrorism Operations Led by Hadhramaut Elites Forces

Local leadership of the southern transitional council in Hadhramaut issued a statement about anti-terrorism operations of Hadhramaut elites forces. The following is the statement: In the Name of God, the Most Merciful, the Most Gracious “And Those Who are told not to spoil in earth, but they say: We are …

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With the Beginning of Al-Faisal Operation, Spokesman of the Second Military Zone: There is no Place for Terrorism in Hadhramaut and Hadhramaut’s Elites are Doing Historic and Heroic Deeds in Chasing Terrorists west of Al-Makla

Official spokesman of the second military zone, Hesham Al-Gabery, indicated that Hadhramaut Elites Forces started Al-Faisal operation in Wady Al-Musainy, west of Al-Makla, to clear off the rest of the valley from Al-Qaeda terrorists who used the valley as their stronghold. The second military zone launched the operation with backup …

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Al-Halemy Asserts to the European Institute for Peace that a Fair Solution to the Southern Cause is the Only Way to Sustainable Peace in Yemen and the Whole Region

Murad Al-Halemy, member of the presidency of the southern transitional council, met Mr. Ivan Tanner of the European Institute for Peace in London as part of several meetings and activities of Al-Halemy and other leaders of the southern transitional council in major capitals of international decision making. During the meeting, …

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Besieged and Blocked off Their Reinforcements in Wady Al-Musainy, Al-Qaeda Elemits Explode Abandoned Military Buildings in Wady Amad – Hadhramaut

Elements of Al-Qaeda exploded some abandoned old military buildings belonging to the first military zone in Wady Amad – Hadhramaut. Security source of Hadhramaut Elites Forces said to SAMA News: “These explosions came as a retaliation of the terrorist elements besieged by Hadhramaut Elites Forces and being denied access to …

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