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Al-Houthi Militias Run Away Leaving Their Military Gears and Casualties while Southern Resistance Advance South of Al-Rahedah

Under commandership of brigadier Mukhtar Al-Nouby, fifth brigade backup and support and southern resistance troops launched a successful attack on Al-Houthi militias and managed to control al-Ghareeb, Dar Al-Arquob and other posts south of Al-Rahedah. Tens of Al-Houthis were killed and injured during the attack that was launched on several …

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National Army and Southern Resistance Advance in Al-Shurijah Front and Control Al-Merkham Mountains

National army and southern resistance troops achieved major advances in Al-Shurijah / Al-Rahedah front as units of the second brigade (Hazm) controlled the strategic posts of Al-Merkham mountains. Captain Mohamed Al-Naqueeb, spokesman of the fourth military zone, indicated that the operations for controlling Al-Merkham mountains were launched with air support …

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Al-Houthi Militias Bombard Overpopulated Villages of Haqab – Karsh

On Wednesday April 18th, 2018, Al-Houthi militias bombarded overpopulated villages of Haqab in Karsh with Howitzer and Katyusha rockets in retaliation to the advances of the security belt troops and southern resistance in Al-Raheda – Taiz. Field sources indicated that Arab Coalition air forces flew densely over borderlines between Karsh …

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Security Belt Troops in Al-Wadia Attack a Den of Al-Qaeda

According to UAE intelligence operation, security belt troops in Abian attacked a den of Al-Qaeda in Al-Doeily village, five km north east of Al-Wadia and near Ashehata village, on Wednesday April 18th, 2018, and killed prominent leaders of Al-Qaeda including Hussain Ba Saria, brother of Ali Ba Saria who threatened …

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In a Press Conference with Ministry of Health in Adan, IRC Warns Against the Collapse of Kidney Failure Treatment

In a press conference held in the temporary capital, Adan, in cooperation with Yemeni Ministry of Health on Wednesday April 18th, 2018, International Red Cross (IRC) warned about full collapse of health conditions for kidney failure patients. IRC said: “health situation of kidney failure patients is collapsing unless Yemeni government …

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