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Al-Zubaidi Meets IRC Delegate in Adan

Aidarous Kassem Al-Zubaidi, president of the southern transitional council, met IRC delegate that is currently visiting Adan. The delegate included Antoine Grand, head of IRC delegate to Yemen, Robert Mardini, head of IRC operations in the middle east and north Africa, Carlos Bativ, head of IRC office in Adan, and …

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Chairman of the Southern National Assembly: Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen Wanted to Turn Socotra into a Den of ISIS and Al-Qaeda but We Exhausted their Plans

General Ahmed Said Ben Brik, chairman of the national assembly of the southern transitional council, uncovered the details of recent events in Socotra, a newly established southern governorate that was previously part of Hadhramaut. In a phone call with Sputnik agency on Saturday May 5th, 2018, Ben Brik indicated that …

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Conflicts Among Different Wings inside Al-Houthi Militias Lead Several Leaders Close to Al-Houthi not to Take the Auth of Loyalty Before Al-Mashat

Middle East newspaper indicated that conflicts among several wings inside Al-Houthi militias caused several leaders who are relatives of Al-Houthi and some tribal leaders not to take the auth of loyalty before Mahdy Al-Mashat, chairman of the so-called the supreme political council. The newspaper indicated that Abd Al-Kareem Al-Houthi, uncle …

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Supervisor of Al-Houthi Militias in the West Coast Killed

Reporter of Sky News Arabic, according to media reports, indicated that “Abu Al-Fadl”, a dangerous terrorist and supervisor of Al-Houthi Iranian Militia in the West Coast got killed in an air raid of the Arab Coalition Air Forces on his convoy in Muquaita, west of Taiz. Abu Al-Fadl was killed …

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With More Than 3000 Vehicles, BASAMA Enters Adan Sea Port

On Saturday May 5th, 2018, the giant ship “BASAMA” entered Adan sea port with (3158) vehicles on it. Salah Abdullah Al-Wali, advisor of minister of transportation, received the ship with Ahmed Hussain, director of docks in Adan sea port. The ship is the biggest to enter Adan sea port this …

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Second Reserve Battalion Attacks a Gun Market in Sheikh Othman and Secures a Campaign for Demolishing Random Building in Al-Berika

Second reserve battalion, under commandership of Kamal Al-Halemy, attacked an illegal gun market in Sheikh Othman – Adan and secured a demolishing campaign in Al-Berika targeting random building. Al-Halemy indicated that the attack came in cooperation among Arab Coalition forces, Adan Security Department and Security Belt Forces. According to Al-Halemy, …

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