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Al-Ba Hasany: Hostile Powers Damaged by Victories of Hadhramaut Elites over Terrorist Groups Spread Media Chaos

Brigadier General Farag Salmeen Al-Ba Hasany, governor of Hadhramaut and commander of the second military zone, announced on Saturday morning that hostile powers damaged by victories of Hadhramaut Elites Forces over terrorist groups are trying to mislead Arab and international public opinion. Al-Ba Hasany indicated that such powers share misleading …

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US Authorities Officially Recognizes the Southern Transitional Council for the First Time and Issues a Work Permission on American Soil to the Council

Vice president of the southern transitional council in USA, Ahmed Al-Muthanna, announced that the council was issued a work permission on American soil from US official authorities. This permission is considered as an official recognition from US authorities to the southern transitional council. This advance came amid a media campaign …

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A Massive Operation Clears Abian off Terrorists and Kills Their Emir

Recently, Abian witnessed several military operations for eliminating terrorist elements from the governorate. Operations were launched by security belt forces with backup of the Arab Coalition Air Forces. The most recent operation was under commandership of colonel Abd Al-Latif Al-Sayed targeted Al-Wad village where violent clashes continued for more than …

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Coalition Air Forces Destroy Four Ballistic Missiles in Al-Garrahy and Attack Militias’ posts north of Heis and East of Al-Hamely

Arab Coalition air forces launched two air raids targeting ballistic missiles of Al-Houthi militias in Al-Garrahy – Al-Hodeida. In northern Heis, the Coalition air raids targeted military equipment of Al-Houthis while giant canons bombarded Al-Houthi Posts east of Al-Hamely. Giants Brigades engaged with Al-Houthis causing them severe casualties. A military …

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Local Leadership of the Southern Transitional Council in Adan Holds the Expanded Consultation Meeting of Southern Syndicates and Academics

Under auspices of the local leadership of the southern transitional council in Adan, the expanded consultation meeting of southern syndicates and academics was held on Tuesday March 6th, 2018. Dr. Abd Al-Nasser Al-Waly, chairman of the council in Adan, Samy Khiran, chairman of the coordination commission of general union of …

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Arrest of Assassins’ Cell in Adan, Transferred from Sanaa by Officials in the Legitimacy Government, with Thousands of US Dollars in their Possession

A security source indicated that security forces arrested an assassination cell responsible for the last two assassinations of a soldier and a superior officer in Adan security forces. According to the source, members of the cell had in their possession huge sums of US Dollars, modern weapons and documents indicating …

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