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A Prominent Leader of Al-Houthi Militias Arrested in Al-Khoukha

A special source indicated that Sadek Al-Buraihy, a prominent leader of Al-Houthi militias was arrested in Al-Khoukha. Al-Burihy was arrested with a group of his accompaniments after violent clashes with them in a farm. It is noteworthy that Al-Buraihy was appointed by Al-Houthy militias as deputy of security chief in …

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After Controlling “Hais”, The Southern Resistance Reaches “Al-Tuhaita”, The Third Directorate of Al-Hodeida”

With backup of the Arab Ally, the southern resistance continues advance towards the west coast as the troops reached the parameter of Al-Tuhaita after controlling Hais – Al-Hodeida. Field sources indicated that the southern resistance fights violent battels with Al-Houthi militias in the directorates southern Al-Hodeida under air force cover …

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Al-Houthi Militias Bury Saleh in Senhan, his Birth Place

In a breaking news broadcasted by Sky News Arabic, Al-Houthi militias buried the late president Ali Abduulah Saleh in his birth place in Senhan. The TV channel indicated that sources affirmed that the commander of the attack force that assassinated Saleh in his house supervised the burial personally without any …

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