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Supported by Arab Coalition Air Forces, Shabwany Elites Forces arrest a Prominent Leader of Al-Qaeda in al-Saeed after Attacking his House

Supported by the Arab Coalition air forces, Shbwany Elites forces attacked a house of a prominent leader of Al-Qaeda in Al-Saeed directorate – Shabwa and arrested him. The arrest operation was under commandership of colonel Mohamed Salem Al-Bu Hur and colonel Ahmed Hasan Al-Sulimany who indicated that the arrest was …

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Statement of the Southern Transitional Council of Maifaa

In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful In response to misleading media statements issued by some Yemeni news channels and websites talking deceptively about the Shabwany Elites and the southern transitional council of Maifaa as seizing the headquarters of the Reform Party in Maifaa and robbing …

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Presidential Guards Brigades Dismiss Affiliates of Radfan and Al-Dalea

Several affiliate soldiers of the presidential guards’ brigades, under commandership of “Nasser Hady”, complained that some commanders of brigades dismissed some affiliates from Radfan and Al-Dalea, on the background of recent events of Adan. In their complains, soldiers indicated that they were astonished by their dismissal and confiscating their personal …

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The Southern Resistance Controls a Strategic Camp in the West Coast

Southern resistance forces took control over the Strategic camp of Al-Kusia – Ghazla, on the sputhern edge of Al-Hodeida. Field sources asserted that the southern resistance controlled that strategic camp after hours of violent clashes. It is noteworthy that Al-Kusia is one of the strategic camps of Al-Hodeida and a …

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The Southern Transitional Council Renews Commitment with Cool Down Calls of the Arab Coalition and Asserts His Commitment with the Demands Declared by the Council and the Southern Resistance

In its regular meeting on Thursday February 8th, 2018, presidency of the southern transitional council, headed by Sheikh Hany Ben Brik, vice president of the council, discussed current issues in the south in addition to several reports about the activities of the council’s departments. Presidency of the council asserted the …

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Media Sources: al-Arrada Disables the Central Bank in Mareb and Deposits 700 million Daily in an Exchange Office Related to the Reform Party – The Political arm of Muslim Brotherhood

Media sources indicated that Sultan Al-Arrada, governor of Mareb, established a private bank in Mareb outside the supervision of the Central Bank of Yemen and is depositing more than 700 million riyals daily in an exchange office owned by a Muslim Brotherhood member called Haj Mohsen Al-Khedr. These deposits are …

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