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Fake Names in the Yemeni Army in Mareb and Al-Jouf

“Al-Omanaa”, a local newspaper, indicated that minister “Othman Al-Megally” who is responsible for military payments of the Yemeni Army in Mareb and Al-Jouf saved tens of billions of Yemeni Riyals as a result of fake names in salary lists. According to the newspaper, sources indicated that General Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar, …

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USA Declares Support for Central Bank of Yemen

US Ministry of Foreign Affairs asserted its commitment to support the Central Bank of Yemen as an independent unified financial association for all Yemenis. Statement of the ministry praised the efforts of the bank’s administration to improve its abilities and overcome any technical problems that face its work. Dr. Mohamed …

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Prominent Leader of Al-Qaeda Killed in Khanfar – Abian

Sami Younes Aiash (Abu Fahad), a prominent leader of Al-Qaeda was killed on Sunday dawn in a successful attack launched by the security belt forces in Abian. Security source indicated that SWAT teams, under commandership of Abd Al-Latif Al-Sayed, attacked and killed the terrorist in the village of Saken Tubik, …

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Warden of Beer Ahmed’s Corrective Facility Praises Socio-psychological Support Project and Negates Rumors about Prisoners’ Strike

Socio-psychological Support Project for prisoners of Al-Mansoura and Beer Ahmed Corrective Facilities in Adan continues its activities for the second month. The project is launched by the Civilian Democratic Coalition in cooperation with Adan Security Department and General Directorate of Corrective Facilities. The project aims to rehabilitate current prisoners psychologically …

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Shaia: Sacrifices of Adan Security Department Heroes Will be Written in History as A source of Pride for All of Us

General Shallal Ali Shaia, Chief of Adan Security Department, praised the great achievements of the anti-terrorism unit, SWAT teams and fourth battalion of Adan security department referring to their success in eliminating the internationally wanted terrorist “Saleh Al-Ba Kheshi” (Iron Man) who was killed on Saturday after refusing to surrender …

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Southern Troops Advance to Al-Barh – Taiz

Special sources indicated that the southern military troops advanced towards Al-Barh in Taiz. Sources indicated that Giants fourth, fifth and sixth brigades, under commandership of Nizar Al-Yafeai, Abu Haroun Al-Yafeai and Murad Al-Subaihy, advanced to Al-Barh in Mujain directorate in Taiz as a result of the defeat of troops loyal …

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