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Legitimacy in a Northern/Southern Conflict

Special sources indicated to SAMA News that severe conflicts appeared between president Abd Rabu Mansour Hady and vice president Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar about the demands of the Arab Coalition to form a new government to end the conflicts between legitimacy in one hand and the southern transitional council and the …

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Al-Mehra Welcomes International and Local Investment Partnerships

In his meeting with Sheikh Nabeel Al-Murafey, representative of Lobex Group – Singapore, Sheikh Rajeh Said Ba Kereet, governor of Al-Mehra, welcomed all international and local investment partnerships, considering Al-Mehra as a strategic center for investment. The meeting, held in the governorate’s headquarters on Sunday February 4th, 2018, discussed strategic …

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With Peaceful Demonstrations, Southern Workers Regain Their Union’s Headquarters from Yemeni Occupation-related Workers

With peaceful demonstrations, workers of the south managed on Sunday morning to regain their union’s headquarters at Al-Mualla – Adan. Southern syndicates and workers’ unions previously called for workers, unions’ members vand syndicates’ members to mobilize to the workers’ union’s headquarters to regain it back after 25 years of Yemeni …

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Massive Marsh in Al-Dalea in Response to the Calls of Syndicates and NGOs to Overthrow the Corrupt Government and Support Southern Resistance

Streets of Al-Dalea witnessed a massive marsh in response to calls of syndicates and NGOs to overthrow the corrupt government and support the southern resistance. The marsh started from Al-Dalea Cinema House to the headquarters of the southern transitional council in Al-Dalea. Leaders of the southern transitional council branches in …

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Southern Academics and Activists Demand Urgent Investigation with the Commandership of the Fourth Brigade – Presidential Guards – for Acquiring Internationally Banned “C4”

Southern academics and human rights activists demanded an urgent investigation with commandership of the fourth brigade – presidential guards – in Dar Saad for acquiring the internationally banned “C4” explosives in addition to trial them. activists asserted that this highly lethal substance was found in one of the storage rooms …

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