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Three Terrorist of Al-Qaeda Killed in Al-Baida

Three terrorists of Al-Qaeda were killed in a robot plane raid in Al-Baida. Local sources indicated that the robot plane targeted one of Al-Qaeda’s posts in Yakla – Wald Rabia, and killed three terrorists. Sources also asserted that the targeted post was near a camp of Al-Qaeda in the area.

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Muslim Brotherhood Leaders in Hady’s Office Falsify Important Documents, including Directives and Decrees, without Notifying the President

A directive notes from President Hady to Prime Minister’s Office indicated that all presidential directives and decrees are to be initiated only if attached with an official memorandum signed by president Hady himself. This note from president Hady, with his signature and official stamp on November 1st 2017, revealed a …

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National Army and Southern Resistance Control Several Posts in Al-Kubaita and Tour Al-Baha Along the Borders with Lahj

Under command of General Fadl Hasan, the national army and southern resistance, supported by Al-Subaiha tribe men, controlled several hills, including Gebel Al-Fuhous and Gebel Al-Hulkoum, in Al-Gawazea, as these posts were serious threats to civilians in Al-Kubaita and Tour Al-Baha. In addition, two-hour long battles occurred in Gebel Al-Karn …

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As Part of Southern Public Escalation, Public Escalation Committee Asserts Re-Raising the National Flag and Re-Using the National Anthem in Kriter’s Schools.

As part of southern public escalation, some members of the southern general syndicate of teachers and educators visited Kriter’s schools and launched the re-raising of the national flag and reusing the national Anthem in Aban and Al-Badery schools. This movement was received with public rejoicing from teachers and students who …

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West Coast Front: Air Raids Destroy Tanks of Militias

Giants’ forces continued confrontations with Al-Houthi militias in several post on the west coast and defeated them north east Khaled Ebn Al-Waleed’s camp with several casualties among militias. The Arab Ally launched several air raids on militias’ posts and destroyed military supplies, including a tank, near Gebel Al-Khazan – Al-Barh.

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Shaia Warns Local Authorities about People’s Limits of Patience

General Shallal Shaia, chief of Adan Security Forces, warned the local authorities of Yemen about the limits of people’s patience. During his meeting with Ahmed Salmeen, acting governor of Adan, Shaia said: “You should provide people with their needs as we are no longer able to believe in Ben Doghr’s …

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