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Al-Garalla: Divorce Between North and South is No Longer a Desire but a Regional Necessity

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I n his editorial for “Al-Siasa”, the prominent Kuwaiti newspaper Ahmed Al-Garalla, dean of Kuwaiti journalists, wrote:

            Attitude of Yemeni legitimacy government can not be explained by observers but as withdrawing from the main project of fighting the main enemy and being occupied with a minor conflict that would never rise if the government played its real role in fighting the Iranian expansive agenda through the southern part of the Arab Peninsula using Al-Houthi gangs that the legitimacy couldn’t stop in spit of all massive political and military support.

            Divorce between north and south is no longer a desire. In fact it is now a reality that the southern can not abandon especially when they found themselves without any cover for the legitimacy that instead of gathering all parties against Al-Houthis they made an alliance with Al-Eslah, the political arm of Muslim Brotherhood, the trojan horse of all terrorist groups starting with Al-Qaeda and ISIS and reaching for Al-Houthis and coup gangs. Al-Eslah depends on mixing all cards to revive the Muslim Brotherhood project, even by alliance with Al-Houthis. 

            The legitimacy is an example of a Kuwaiti folk saying “Papa can only beat Mama”. They are proud of cleaning cities from STC troops although they are southern patriotic troops while in five years, we didn’t say a word from them about defeating Al-Houthis and cleaning cities of them.

            It is necessary that the legitimacy should reconsider their calculations instead of rejecting negotiations with the southern.

            The legitimacy is escaping and they are searching for reasons not to confess their failure in war and they can no longer keep Yemeni union.

            The legitimacy should now accept the bitter medicine and accept the southern choice.

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