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A Security Breach of the UN Envoy’s Office By Al-Houthis

SMA News – Follow-ups
A UN source indicated that a major security breach was initiated by Al-Houthis to the UN Envoy’s office to Yemen, Martin Griffith. The source indicated that “Bakil Hamza” who works in the UN envoy’s office is the brother of Abdullah Hamza, a leader of Al-Houthi militias and a team member in the redeployment committee of Al-Hodeida.
The source indicated that Al-Houthis exerted extreme pressure to appoint Bakil Hamza and other members of Al-Houthi militias in Griffith’s office through threatening with canceling visa cards of some foreign employees. The source asserted that Al-Houthi member employed in Griffith’s office initiate security and monitoring tasks to use the UN office in serving their agendas.
According to News Yemen website, Bakil Hamza attends all meetings and activities of Al-Hodeida committee as a UN officer, including the meetings of the UN monitoring delegation in Al-Hodeida with the government’s delegations as part of tripartite meetings. He added that Al-Houthis threaten all employees who are not cooperating with them by canceling their visa cards and leaving Yemen.

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