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A Southern Leader: We Accepted the Legitimacy to Exhaust Al-Houthi Project but We Will Never Accept the Yemeni Dialogue Outcomes

SMA News – Agencies

Mansour Saleh, a southern leader, indicated that the so-called Yemeni legitimacy is trying to impose the Yemeni Dialogue Outcomes by force over the south and this clearly reveals that the legitimacy doesn’t recognize major changes that happened in the south and increased its strength.
In a phone call with Sputnik on Monday January 28th, 2019, Saleh indicated that oppression and force are no longer options as the southern people are the first power on their territories and the decision makers of its future. They are now having power and an defend their options.
Saleh added: “The southern cause now has a rightful political representative, that is the southern transitional council that managed to impose the cause on all international fields. It is no longer and internal affair as Sanaa regimen is trying to put it to the world. The southern support to the legitimacy and the Arab Coalition was only to face Al-Houthi project. But this doesn’t mean to accept any projects that deny the southern people their right in self-determination. The Yemeni legitimacy should recognize that its existence in Aden is only for helping Yemen to defeat Al-Houthi project and in appreciation of the Arab coalition’s role. But certainly, it doesn’t mean to accept any projects the legitimacy is trying to establish”.
He indicated that the southern refused to participate in the Yemeni dialogue as it was not honest and their will was falsified. They refused its outcomes while they were unarmed and today they can exhaust any tries to revive these born=dead outcomes that even caused war in the north too.
Saleh advised Yemeni legitimacy to continue its battel against Al-Houthis to restore its authority and to stop provoking the southern people who refused humiliation previously and will refuse it now and in the future.
Aden, in the south, witnessed public protests against acts taken by the government to promote Yemeni Dialogue outcomes held in March 2013 – March 2014. These outcomes indicated transforming Yemen into a federal state with four realms in the north and two in the south.
Angry protesters shredded the Yemeni flags and union symbols in addition to slogans promoting the Yemeni Dialogue outcomes.
Many southern citizens refuse union with Northern Yemen started in May 1990 and refuse the federal state solution. In addition, they demand disengagement.

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