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“Abu Yamama” Appreciates Victories of Al-Hodeida and North of Al-Dalia

SMA News – Al-Dalia – Exclusive
Brigadier Muneer Al-Yafaei “Abu Yamama”, commander of the first brigade backup and support, appreciated major military victories achieved over Al-Houthi – Iranian militias in Al-Hodeida and north of Al-Dalia. He congratulated Southern Giants Brigades for these victories achieved on the west coast with support of the Arab Coalition and for similar victories achieved on Dumt and Meris fronts, north of Al-Dalia where southern troops participated effectively. Abu Yamama confirmed that these major victories are indicators of the breakdown of Iranian ambitions in the region as its hidden hands, Al-Houthis, are receiving more and more defeats indicating that their end is so close.

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