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Activists Call for IRC to Rescue Citizens of Wady Khur and Bihan

SMA News – Bihan – Shabwa – Adeeb Al-Sayed
Social media and human rights activists called for International Red Cross to urgently interfere to end the siege and rescue citizens of under-siege areas who suffer from serious decrease of food, medicine, children milk and water supplies. Citizens of Ghania, Abia, Lehmar, Jehreba, Kerben, Hazoum Al-Huraiby, Al-Kouibel, Hesn Jaeem, Moukes, Al-Sabeel, Al-Zera, Mewal and other villages are under siege since last Friday. Citizen are under panic of clashes between the southern army and resistance and Al-Houthi militias in addition to air raids of the Arab Ally. Naef Al-Aiashy, a southern activist and a citizen of Wady Khur indicated through his accounts on social media that the citizens of these areas are under severe shortage of food, medicine and water supplies. He indicated that citizens were not ready for the siege, especially when we know that clashes started suddenly on Friday without previous warning. He asked field commanders of the southern army and resistance to hurry in their advance or even to coordinate with the Arab Ally and Al-Houthi militias to make next Friday as a humanitarian truce. It is noteworthy that most families of Wady Khur were prevented from moving to other parts of Bihan because of sudden clashes.

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