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After Three Years of Muslim Brotherhood Army Inside, Southern Troops Liberate Zones of Taiz in Yemen

SMA News – Taiz – Exclusive
On Monday August 27th, 2018, southern troops controlled strategic posts in Maoia directorate, east of Taiz, after heavy clashes with Al-Houthi militias.
A military source indicated that southern troops managed to control strategic posts in Maoia directorate and liberated Al-Hasham, the second zone of the directorate, after previously liberating Hawamera and Thamran Mountains, parallel to Karsh in Southern Lahj.
The source indicated that fights caused Al-Houthis severe loses as tens of militants were either killed or injured while the rest of them escaped towards southern areas of Maoia – Taiz.
The source also indicated that controlling Al-Hasham is part of a military operation targeting full liberation of Maoia. He added that fights are continuing till this moment as southern troops continue their advance while Al-Houthis are escaping for their lives.
In Al-Rahedah and Al-Shurijah in Taiz, Determination Brigades, Security Belt Troops and Southern Resistance continue their victories for the fourth day in row. On Tuesday dawn, troops advanced on the northern axis of Al-Shurijah on Al-Shurijah/Al-Rahedah road. Southern troops blocked reinforcement lines of Al-Houthis in Safa Thabra as Al-Houthis used it to reinforce their troops in Al-Suhi – Khadeer. Al-Suhi crossing, Al-Aseeda and Al-Medwara hills in addition to all hills overseeing Al-Shurijah Al-Rahedah road were liberated where Al-Houthi militias collapsed completely.
It is noteworthy that southern troops advanced from Lahj in the south to liberate the northern governorate of Taiz while seven northern brigades in Taiz, only 25 km away from the front line, failed to liberate it for three years.
Observers indicated that Muslim Brotherhood army in Taiz only fought against Salafist resistance to control the city for Reform Party, as these troops never fought with Al-Houthi militias, an act described by leaders of Salafist resistance as treason.

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