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Al-Alimi prevents Major General Mofreh Bohibeh from meeting President Hadi

Smanews / Yemeni Arab / Exclusive
A private source said that the director of the Presidential Office, Dr. Abdullah Al-Alimi, obstructed the request of Major General Mofreh Bohibeh, to meet President Hadi in Riyadh in conjunction with the intensification of battles and the retreat of the army forces in Al-Jawf.


The source stated that Major General Bohibah, who presented four of his sons as martyrs in the battles and led heroic battles and won victories against the Houthi militias, submitted a request to the Presidency’s office to meet President Hadi, but the officials of the office postponed the meeting for 4 days, and the brigade Bohibah, requested repeatedly Al-Alimi for the meeting and did not meet the President Hadi.

The source was surprised by the policy of the legitimacy government, which was motivated for the meeting of the Houthi activist Ibtisam Abu Donia, after she scolded Abdullah Al-Alimi with a post for delaying her appointment for a few minutes, in which after that, she received a warm welcome, and financial gift from prime minister Moeen Abdul-Malik $ 10,000 and an apartment booked for her in Cairo,

While a national commander fought with the legitimacy and four of his sons were martyred for homeland, his meeting with President Hadi is obstructed.

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