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“Al-Arab” of London: Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen Declare War to Control Taiz

SMA News – Follow-ups
Knowledgeable sources in Taiz indicated that Muslim Brotherhood is trying to fully control the strategic city under cover of directives issued by Taiz governor, Amin Ahmed Mahmoud, indicating to clear all governmental buildings of armed persons and turn it back to local authorities. Sources indicated that armored brigade 22, loyal to the reform party, and commandership of Taiz axis purposefully misinterpreted these directives and targeted other troops of Yemeni army, namely armored brigade 35 that is mostly formed by Salafi soldiers of Abu Al-Abbas front.
In a press release to “Al-Arab” of London, the source indicated that the reform party, political arm of Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen, is trying to force a de facto policy inside the city through refusing other directives of Taiz governor that indicated the formation of a cool-down commission by all parties including the national army, Abu Al-Abbas front and other units loyal to Muslim Brotherhood. Directives also indicated the formation of a neutral commission headed by Aref Gamel, deputy governor of Taiz, under supervision of the Arab Coalition to receive governmental buildings from all parties without any biases.
Radwan Al-Hashedi, spokesman of Abu Al-Abbas front indicated that Taiz is under stress again as city residential districts were targeted by heavy and medium weapons by the armored brigade 22 from above Gebel Sabr. He added that this situation developed after a meeting between governor of Taiz and colonel Adel Abdu Farea (Abu Al-Abbas) as they agreed to turn governmental buildings to special security forces, and this led to the bombard of the city by armored brigade 22 in addition to putting snipers over the office of education in Gamal street to besiege the old city. The bombard reached the headquarters of Abu Al-Abbas front while deputy governor and commission members were there.
According to a press release of Abu Al-Abbas front, the city is witnessing armed conflicts because the front exhausted a coup led by Muslim Brotherhood to control Taiz. The front indicated that they accepted to turn governmental buildings under control back to a third governmental party, but not troops loyal to the reform party.
In a comment on Taiz clashes, Abdullah Ismail, a Yemeni political analyst, indicated that such acts of the reform party contradict with what the party demanded of full absence of militias and armed persons from Taiz. He added that all observers realize that Taiz is now kidnapped by the reform party. Therefore, such acts serve the interests of Al-Houthis and distort the Yemeni ware against this militia. He added that Muslim Brotherhood insist on achieving specific objectives to gain future political gains although this is a short-sighted vision, especially in this critical timing, where the whole country is at war with this militia while Muslim Brotherhood only think about political empowerment.
Observers related these armed clashes with the idea of buying some time for Al-Houthi militias to restore its strength in Al-Hodeida to face Tarek Saleh’s troops. Muslim Brotherhood started earlier to initiate a specific policy to control significant military, security and administrative posts in Taiz with a simultaneous media campaign against all other parties with relative political weight in Taiz like Salafi fronts, nationalists, conference party and leftists. In addition, the brotherhood returned to wave with public demonstrations as a top card through which the brotherhood can mobilize demonstrations against all other parties, including the Arab Coalition.

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