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Al-Awlaki disapproves increasing detention crimes outside law in Shabwa

Smanews/ Shabwa / Exclusive
The southern political and media activist Nasser Ali Al-Awlaki, on Tuesday, criticized the Brotherhood’s authority in Shabwa governorate, pointing to human rights violations committed by the militias against the people of the governorate.

Al-Awlaki confirmed in a statement on his Facebook account: that the child Mohammed al-Jabwani,” 15 years old, who was arrested on January 23, is still being held.

Al-Awlaki considered: the arrest of the child ‟Mohammad al-Jabwani“ and other minor children who are less than 15 years old with the aim of revenge against their relatives, a “crime” that is outside the humanitarian , legal, and national rules and reflects deficiencies, indicating that it contradicts all international agreements concerned with the rights of the child.

Al-Awlaki pointed out that the detention of minor children cannot serve the country and the citizen, asking: ‟Where is the Public Prosecution and the legal and community centers in Shabwa governorate? They must raise their voices against these violations committed by authorities on the people of the governorate.

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