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Al-Awlaki: Southern /Southern Communication is a Top Priority for the Council and All Southern Citizens Are of Our Clan and We Will Never Abandon Them

SMA News – Shabwa – Exclusive

Sheikh Saleh Ben Farid Al-Awlaki, member of the presidency of the Southern Transitional Council delivered a major speech during the inclusive meeting of local leadership of the council in Shabwa and members of the Southern National Assembly. The following is a translation of the speech.
In the Name of Allah, The Most Merciful and Most Gracious
Dear Brothers:
It is a pleasure to meet here. I will not talk much as everyone knows that I’m a tribal leader not a political cadre. My strength, even during the days of Affash, stemmed from facing injustice and all I got comes from Shabwa and its men. This strength I always use in favor of the south and the southern cause. I swear to God that I will never abandon the south till I die and I have no alternative but the establishment of the Southern state by God’s will.
I’m with the council in our struggle for liberating the south and restoring our state. but at the same time, I can never accept excluding any southern party. Even if our visions are different, the south gathers us all. The majority of southern forces agree upon one goal, even if some of us didn’t declare it clearly for several conditions we all know. The injustice of Sanaa’s regimen included us all and our only salvation is in establishing the southern state for all of us. No one is better than the others as we all sacrificed blood for that goal. And after that, came the support of the Arab Coalition that we all thank.
I consider all southern citizens as my clan along the wide spectrum of southern forces. The council established southern / southern communication as a top priority and I’m committed to that till the end. I’ll never forsake the southern independence. Everyone knows that the only alternative of communication is isolation, conflicts and clashes we all know its consequences. May God save the south from blood shed and conflicts. I trust myself, my ethics and my values that will never allow me to abandon what I believe in.
I hate compliments at the expense of my country and my people. I will be always open-minded to all without exceptions. Our strongest bond is the southern lands and blood. Our common features will maintain our southern balance.
We should all forsake conflicts and differences. We should learn from past crises for more than fifty years. Manipulating our people’s emotions doesn’t suit us. Isolation will never achieve independence nor establish a state. if we shed our own blood, we will lose our rights, even if they are legitimate. The world will never trust us unless we demonstrate a civilized example of tolerating our own differences. Every southern has a place in our project unless he decides otherwise. If we are honest in practicing democracy, then democracy will decide the way. We should all work for liberating the south, just as the northern are working for the north.
As I said before, I love everyone without exceptions. Balance among governorates should be the key as partners not followers. Our project will get rid of selfishness and regionalism only through balance starting from now. I repeat it again, if we are to establish the state of justice and equity, its bases should be established now and any error will lead to conflicts and even war.
I’m with eliminating corruption in all parties and providing new well-qualified faces with the opportunity to serve under clear mechanisms of monitoring, accountability and observation in all sectors and departments. Security of Shabwa should be established through coordination among all parties as we are targeted from local, regional and international powers that try to seed conflicts among us. We are not very far from our experience with Affash. Everyone who is kin on securing Shabwa should ber very careful then.
May God bless your efforts and help you to assume your responsibilities towards Shabwa
Peace be upon you all.

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