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#Al-Dhalea .. Breaking third attack of #Houthi in less than three hours (details)

Smanews/ Al- Dhalea / Mohamed Moqbel Abu Shadi
The joint southern forces units were able on Tuesday, to break a violent attack by the Houthi militias on the positions of the southern forces in the village of Markhza, south of Al Fakhir.

According to field sources, Iranian-backed militias have used artillery, anti-aircraft and machine guns extensively in their attacks on the positions of the forces of the 2nd Thunderbolt brigade and the 4th brigade resistance and the battalion of “martyr commander Baqil al-Silah” affiliated to the resistance brigades.

According to the source, the most violent clashes for weeks erupted around the confrontations area and ended at the breaking of the Houthi attack and forced its militants to retreat to their previous positions.

It’s worth mentioning that after some hours, the southern forces had been able to stand up against two separate attacks by the Houthi militia on the Jubb and Bitar fronts in the Qataba District.

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