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Al-Eslah Demands the Departure of UAE to Surrender the West Coast to Al-Houthi and the South to Al-Qaeda: Activists

SMA News – Aden – Exclusive
S ome Yemeni activists considered that Al-Eslah party moved to an advanced stage in its ally with Al-Houthi through attacking the Arab Coalition in the media to turn its into and enemy and to turn the Yemeni people against the coalition.
Observers considered this media attack by Al-Eslah media tools against the coalition in this critical stage of the Yemeni history as a means to mobilize the Yemeni people against the coalition and unify them with Al-Houthis progressively.
They also indicated that the real aim of this attack is to drive the coalition out of Yemen starting with UAE then Saudi Arabia so the Al-Houthis can control the west coast while chaos prevails in southern governorates.
In a post on face book, Ahmed Omar Ben Farid, a southern politician indicated that interview of Mohamed Al-Bukhaiti with Al-Jazeera where he admitted the agreement with Al-Eslah, is not new in the context of what he called “matched visions” between them.
He added that the simplest rules of political analysis assert their collaboration on the medium range and strategically on the long range while the existence of some of Al-Eslah party members among Hay’s legitimacy in Riyadh is a temporary tactical matter.
Tarrad Al-Asmari, a Saudi activist, asserted that Al-Bukhaiti’s confession of the agreement with Al-Eslah is part of Muslim Brotherhood and events of Socotra prove that the attack targets the Arab Coalition.
Southern activists indicated the Al-Eslah aims to empower Al-Houthis in their pursuit to regain control over the west coast through attacking UAE who supervises these territories.
Mohamed Al-Ammari, a southern activist, indicated that Al-Eslah wants to share power with Al-Houthis through turning against the Arab Coalition, surrendering the west coast to Al-Houthis and the southern governorates to Al-Qaeda. When UAE, with its significant role in the achieved victory, is out of the equation, it will be very easy to get Saudi Arabia out as well. He added that the south will suffer chaos in case UAE withdraws and no one but terrorist groups will benefit from that.

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