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Al-Eslah … Fighting Al-Houthis Not the Southern

Written by:
Alaa Sultan – Southern Journalist

Military troops of Al-Eslah party, the arm of Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen, should mobilize to fight Al-Houthis and liberate northern territories instead of killing the southern people and occupying southern territories to serve Al-Houthis agenda.
All Yemenis, in the north and south, with all their political ideologies, are against the coup. Only Al-Eslah is outside this consensus. Only Al-Eslah cooperates with Al-Houthis and directs its military troops to invade the south, robe its fortunes and spread chaos and terrorism in it.
This drives us to ask why these massive military troops of General Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar, didn’t move to fight Al-Houthis for five years while they are moved today to fight the south?
For five years, the Arab Coalition led by Saudi Arabia and UAE generously supported these troops with unlimited training, funding, arming and backup. But troops of General Al-Ahmar are still stumbling in Serwah and Naham!
Brutal massacres of Azzan – Shabwa, where peaceful protesters were killed, are crimes reflecting Al-Eslah’s attitude towards the south. But these crimes will never be prescriptions. The south will be liberated from all evil terrorist and extremist powers.

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