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Al-Gaadi to New York Times: An Independent Southern State is of Major Importance to Reach Permanent Peace and Stability in the Region

SMA News – Aden – Exclusive
Robert Routh of the New York Times had a prolonged interview with Mr. Fadl Al-Gaadi, acting secretary general and member of the presidency of the southern transitional council, that will be published soon in the New York Times.
The interview discussed several hot files including the southern cause and the role of the southern transitional council in unifying and including all southern powers in addition to the future of the south and the role of regional powers in Yemen. The interview also discussed the role of UN envoy, Martin Griffith, from the point of view of the council and the deteriorated security and economic conditions in the liberated zones.
In his response to a question about the continuation of the Yemeni union after the war, Al-Gaadi said that the southern were the ones who held the idea of the union as they embraced slogans of the union in schools and caps. In other words, they delivered the state with all its capabilities to the north. But unfortunately, they were betrayed as the other side, the north, started the elimination of southern figures. This included the assassination of nearly 155 southern leaders from 1990 to 1994 in addition to privatization of more than 100 factories and companies in favor of northern families in Sanaa, including Air Yemen. This means that there is no way that the union to continue.
In his answer to another question about the council’s point of view in economic conditions, he said that the legitimacy government caused the escalation of the economic crisis because of systematic corruption, misadministration and abuse of public funds. The council was aware very early to this issue and repeatedly called for dismissing this government and forming a mini-technocratic government. But arrogance led the crisis to escalate till the country reached full collapse of local currency since last January. The council thinks that the real solution for the economic conditions starts with political reform and dismissal of corrupt persons from authority.
Al-Gaadi also indicated that objective reading of today’s reality asserts the importance of an independent southern state to reach a permanent and sustainable peace in the region to guarantee the stability of global interests.

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