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Al-Houthis Admit False Withdrawal from Al-Sulif and Ras Essa in Al-Hodeida

SMA News – Follow-ups
Al-Houthi militias admitted their false one-sided withdrawal from Al-Sulif and Ras Essa sea ports in Al-Hodeida according to the redeployment plan signed as part of Sweden Treaty between the Yemeni Government and Al-Houthi militias.
Al-Houthis asserted that their troops still exist in Al-Sulif and Ras Essa that they claimed a month ago they withdrew from, with a testimony of the UN Envoy to Yemen.
According to SABA Media Agency, loyal to Al-Houthis, “Mohamed Aiash Kuhaim”, acting governor of Al-Hodeida who was appointed by Al-Houthis, inspected the troops in Al-Sulif and Ras Essa oil ports and asserted that the troops should raise their combat readiness in these posts. by that, Al-Houthis exposed their lie and the false testimony of the UN envoy on the so-called withdrawal from these ports last month. The Yemeni government negated the withdrawal and doubted Al-Houthis’ commitment with the terms of Sweden treaty. In addition, the Yemeni government accused UN envoy with conspiring with Al-Houthis. By these photos and videos, Al-Houthis exposed their lie described by the Yemeni government as a “Farce Play”.
At the same context, Unite Nations indicated that Rose Marry DeCarlo, assistant of UN secretary general for political affairs, will head to Riyadh next Monday and Tuesday for negotiating the Yemeni situation. The visit came after bitter criticism from Yemeni president Abd Rabu Mansour Hady to Martin Griffith, UN Envoy to Yemen. According to UN , DeCarlo will meet Saudi and Yemeni officials for discussing regional peace and security including the Yemeni situation.

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