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Al-Houthis Bombard a Whole Family in Heis – Al-Hodeida

SMA News – Al-Arabia Al-Yemenia – Exclusive
Al-Houthi militias bombarded resident districts in Heis, south of Al-Hodeida, randomly with mortar shells. Local sources indicated that one of the shells fell on the house of “Ibrahim Nasser Anini”, destroyed the roof and injured the house owner, his wife and two of his sons with various injuries. Neighbors hurried to the bombarded house and transferred the family to the field hospital in Heis for medical treatment.
Sources also indicated that Al-Houthis are still targeting citizens in markets and streets with snipers’ shots while interval clashes occurred between Al-Houthis and Giants brigades north of Heis due to snipers’ activities against citizens. Al-Houthis are excessively violating UN truce with crimes against civilians on a daily basis.

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