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Al-Khobbaji: No Conflict Between UAE and Saudi Arabia About Aden Events

SMA News – Aden – Exclusive
Dr. Nasser Al-Khobbaji, member of the Southern Transitional Council’s presidency, indicated that there is no conflict between UAE and Saudi Arabia about Aden events sense last Wednesday, indicating that the southern cause is not a matter of difference in views for any one.
In a press release for Sputnik, as an answer to a question about the conflicting visions of UAE and Saudi Arabia about Aden event, Al-Khobbaji said: “I don’t think there is such a difference and if there is one it will not reach the degree of conflict. What happened in Aden was a southern internal affair and we appreciate Saudi Arabia and UAE”.
Al-Khobbaji added: “Legitimacy of president Hady remains but we only protected Aden and the Arab Coalition from the corrupt government and its Al-Houthi and terrorist cells. This supports the victories achieved by the Arab Coalition and makes the Southern Armed Forces more capable of facing Al-Houthi Iranian militias. The southern cause is not a source of variance for any one. It is the result of northern Yemeni occupation for the southern state. the southern cause is the real key for any peace process in Yemen. This is confirmed by all northern Yemeni powers in the authority, opposition and even movements. There will be no peace unless the southern cause is resolved”.
Al-Khobbaji also said: “Independence of the southern state will come and the council is approaching it closely. This will serve the south and peace in Yemen as it will serve the region and the whole world. Stability of this region is linked to protecting the Arab national security and international peace and security in Bab Al-Mandeb and Aden. For sue, this will never happen unless independence of the southern state is restored. We think that it is better to run the south with a national southern administration as a transitional stage to restore stability, security and services and to tackle all side effects created by Al-Houthi war in 2015 and the economic war launched by the corrupt Yemeni government since liberating the south five years ago”.
In response to a question about separation of the south,Al-Khobbaji said: “We demand independence of the southern state, not separation. The south was an independent state recognized internationally with a seat in UN. This is not a result of an emerging reason or the last war. Its roots can be traced back to 1994 war launched by Northern Yemen against the Southern State”.
Concerning the Saudi call for talks in Jeddah, Al-Khobbaji said: “We welcomed the talks called for by Saudi Arabia. The council will be part of it. We assert that the council’s aim is to fight terrorism. Security and stability of Aden is a common concern shared by the council, the southern people and the Arab Coalition. The council has an inclusive vision for all crises and war too on the level of Yemen and the south. But we will deal with certain conditions according to this stage and without conflict with our people’s agenda and expectations nor conflicts with our allies. We welcomed talks as we believe in the vital essence of talks for resolving conflicts. We hope it will treat the situation in Aden clearly without any hesitation nor minor obstacles from the other party”.

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