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Al-Muiaseri and Al-Gawani.. Abuse of Public Funds and Public Offices to Serve Agendas of Muslim Brotherhood and Qatar in Yemen

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Recent events of Aden and the southern transitional council’s control over Aden exhausted the chaos project of Muslim Brotherhood. This proves that Qatar penetrated the Yemeni legitimacy government through Muslim Brotherhood and several ministers including Ahemd Al-Muiaseri, minister of interior affairs and Saleh Al-Gabwani, minister of Transportation who are exposed as servants of Muslim Brotherhood agendas. Although they are considered southern, they abused public money and supported suspicious agendas according to official documents and international agencies.
Gangsters Not Ministers:
Military observers indicated that Aden recent events that showed Al-Muiaseri and Al-Gabwani in civilian clothes leading Muslim Brotherhood militias exposed their cunningness and disrespect of convections.
Weapons, explosives and rocket shells found with these militias asserted that they armed these suspicious militias to serve foreign powers and agendas.
According to military observers, Al-Muiaseri and Al-Gabwani can not be considered as ministers representing the state. Instead, they are gangsters serving the Musli Brotherhood and other northern powers’ agendas in addition to the Qatari agenda against the coalition and the south.
Eight Billion in Three Months:
Official document found after the events of Aden asserted that ministers of the legitimacy, especially Ahmed Al-Muiaseri, abused public money. The documents indicated that payments of Al-Muiaseri for January, February and March 2019 reached 8 billion Yemeni Riyals only in three months. Documents noted that these payments were spent on “security missions” in Aden that didn’t witness any security campaigns during these three months.
According to documents, payments are not limited to these sums as Al-Muiaseri financed tens of news websites and newspapers in addition to a local radio and hundreds of journalists to serve the same agendas he is serving.
Al-Gabwani .. An Employee for Al-Essa
While evidence proved Al-Muiaseri as a servant for Yemeni Muslim Brotherhood Agendas in addition to public money abuse, Al-Gabwani was also proved to be a corrupt abuser of public money as he works for an influential tradesman called Ahmed Al-Essa. Al-Gabwani abused his office and the ministry of oil to serve the interests of Al-Essa through privatization.
Recently, an international agency exposed a plan of Al-Essa, with collaboration of several leaders of the Yemeni Government including the Minister of Transportation, to seize control over land services in Aden Airport, as a step towards controlling Yemeni Airways.
“Deep River” news agency – an international news agency – indicated that sources asserted that Ahmed Al-Essa, deputy director of the president’s office for economic affairs, seeks control over land services in Aden International Airport with violation of laws.
The source added that Al-Essa is planning to control Yemeni Airways that was target of a fierce campaign recently to stop its work in favor of other competitors including Balquees Airways owned by Al-Essa.
In addition, Al-Gabwani directed to exclude the plans of Balquees Airways owned by Al-Essa from regular inspection although the plans exceeded their virtual duration of flying. Furthermore, Al-Gabwani did his best to weaken the work of Yemeni Airways in favor of his master Al-Essa.
Muslim Brotherhood Qatari Agendas
Official documents proved the corruption of Al-Muiaseri and his relation with Muslim Brotherhood Militias of the Presidential Guards while Al-Gabwani was proved an employee for Ahmed Al-Essa. Both men are related to Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar who is connected to terrorist organizations. They all work against the south and its political representative, the southern transitional council and they are also known of targeting the Arab Coalition, especially UAE, for several times.
These acts indicate that Al-Muiaseri and Al-Gabwani are involved in Chaos and terrorist projects supported by Muslim Brotherhood and Qatar. Both men were appointed according to directives of Qatar to supervise the initiation of Qatari agenda in Yemen and disturb the security of Aden and the whole south to minimize the victories achieved by the Arab Coalition.

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