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Al-Musaibali Demands UN to Ratify Victims of Al-Houthi Invasion to the South

SMA News – Geneva – Exclusive
Judge Abd Al-Rahman Al-Musaibali, chairman of Southern Consultative Center for Rights and Freedoms, demanded UN Human Rights Council to device a clear mechanism to ratify victims of Al-Houthi invasion to the south so that criminal don’t escape punishment. This came as part of his speech in front of UN Human Rights Council in Geneva. The following is part of his speech:
Mr. Chairman, honorable members:
We, Solidarity Swiss Gini in association with the Southern Consultative Center for Rights and Freedoms, thank your honorable council for supporting human rights, especially for civilian victims. We indicate that Experts’ Report about conditions in Yemen disappointed us because of its selectivity and limitations as the report ignored severe violations of Al-Houthi militias and its allies against civilians in southern Yemen. Although southern NGOs delivered the experts’ team tens of reports and documents that confirm crimes of Al-Houthi invasion in March 2015 in addition to hearings of several public southern figures, including leadership of the southern transitional council, destiny of 5126 persons who were killed, including 491 women and 360 children, in addition to 9878 injured persons, was not identified by the report. This raised disappointment and anger of victims’ families and southern public opinion. Therefore, we demand your honorable council to record these statistics in the report and to device and initiative to ratify victims and guarantee that criminals will not escape punishment.
Thank you, Mr. president,

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