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Al-Sigaly Heads to Munich for Asylum

SMA News – Germany – Exclusive
Alaa El-Din Al-Sigaly, a southern journalist, director of SMA News Office in Cairo, member of foreign affairs department of SAMA organization in EU and ambassador of UDHR, arrived at Munich in demand of asylum as Germany is one of the countries that guarantee the right of dignified life for political refugees. Germany provides opportunities for living away from racial discrimination.
Al-Sigaly, who formerly worked as an announcer in Aden Life and Sawt Al-Ganoub TV channels, is one of the most wanted southern media men by Saleh’s regimen, Muslim Brotherhood and other terrorist groups. He also underwent several violations that reached threats of killing.
Al-Sigaly headed first to Rome but all he got was only asylum papers while his rights of education and work, granted by international conventions of asylum, were all denied. This led him to head to Munich – Germany after several harassments in Italy.
Alaa El-Din Al-Sigaly is one of many other southern media men and intellects who are forced to leave the south due to violations of their human rights.

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