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Al-Solimani Sends a Significant Message to Military and Security Personnel in Shabwa

SMA News – Shabwa – Exclusive
On his official page on Face Book, Sheikh Ali Mohsen Al-Solimani, chairman of the southern transitional council of Shabwa, sent a significant message to military and security personnel of Shabwa saying:
Dear sons and brothers of the military and security associations. You who are faithful and loyal to your country. You who sacrifice your lives and spend night awaken to preserve the safety and security of citizens. You who are the guards of this nations. Officers and soldiers: I send you this message while I’m fully convinced that you will support the choices of your southern people as you too suffered denial and injustice because of those corrupt officials in the security and military associations of this corrupt government. Your rights are violated too. So, you suffered, like us, from this systematic political corruption and you were victims of systematic corruption and impoverishment policies that never establishes a loyal army.
You are a main component of this people who will rise today against corrupts in the government. This uprising, called for by the Southern Transitional Council on October 3rd, is not against you. Instead, it targets corrupt figures of the government and authority wherever they are. Your support to your people’s choice in clearing all associations from corrupt figures is the cornerstone of building up a real southern national army.
We can never abandon military and security personnel who are a main part of this people and the backbone of establishing the southern state. we will preserve your rights just as your fellows in elites’ forces, security belt, giants and backup brigades. Your position is still preserved for you and we will depend on you in many military and humanitarian missions.
This uprising comes after a long struggle of the southern revolution and cause. It is the result of previous revolutionary steps including the southern movement, formation of southern resistance and the southern transitional council. This public uprising is a new step on the road that you participating in paving it. You played a major role in all these steps towards restoring the southern state. we assure you that will will maintain our uprising peaceful without any blood shed among brothers.
We call for you to join the public choice and support our uprising through protecting the people and participating in achieving this uprising’s goals where the rights of military and security personnel is top priority.
I repeat my call to you and thank all our brave soldiers and officers who communicated with us and declared their support to public demands represented in this uprising.
Sheikh Ali Mohsen al-Solimani
Chairman of local leadership of the Southern Transitional Council in Shabwa

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