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Al-Wali to Griffith: We Are with You. Isn’t That Enough?!

SMA News – Aden – Exclusive
Dear Mr. Griffith:
Peace be Upon You
We are now in Ramadan, the holy month of peace, mercy and charity. We send you, and all your honorable team, our greetings.
I read your briefing to UN Security Council dated on May 15th, 2019. It has several interesting points, but I’ll talk here about what concerns the occupied Arab South.
• We are with you in any step towards peace for the interest of the two peoples, south and north, the whole region and the world as well.
• Here, we are suffering of new escalating war on our borders with the north in Al-Dalia, Abian, Al-Musaimeer and Yafia, as they are now comfortable with the international stop of Al-Hodeida clashes.
• Thousands of northern soldiers are preparing in Saioun, on the borders of joint oil fields. They are ready to attack Hadhramaut of the south.
• Thousands of northern soldiers are now stationed on the borders of Shabwa waiting for the attack signal to occupy its oil fields.
• If Yafia, Abian and Al-Dalia fail, they will reoccupy the south with a non-precedent northern lineup urged by greed on southern lands, fortunes and strategic position.
• A war of northern refugees started in Aden with a northern prime minister who advocates only northern citizens.
• As southern, we are dreaming of having the same advantages the northern have, expect for a few of poor people who came escaping war crisis. I mean northern refugees with high ranks of general directors and above. When we enter a governmental office, we can’t say if we are in Sanaa or Aden?!
• We are suffering a war of public contractors who are all northern and who are contracting on establishing projects in Aden, just to deny the very few southern contractors their fair share.
• We are suffering a war of medicine, WHO provides millions of dollars to companies in Sanaa to buy medicine. And these companies deliver expired medicines to Aden and we have to take it or nothing else! Today my eyes flooded with tears when a young doctor said to me: “Bring the expired medication doctor. At least people will die trying to heal”
• We are suffering a war of services, fuel and mad prices. A war of shelter hired in Aden with prices of New York!
Dear Mr. Griffith:
You reminded us with decision No. 2216. I understand its significance to you as you are committed to it. I also appreciate that you are considering facts on the ground. I think your indication about supporting southern participation in peace process is a clear message to us and we understand it well. So, thank you. but we fear a third occupation of the south and we are asking your interference just to prevent that. We will keep our relations with UN strong as it is. But we hope we listen to us and understand what we say.
Dear Mr. Griffith:
Our expectations are very simple. We only want to live free with dignity on our sovereign lands as we were before this damn union of 1990. We sacrificed many soles. We suffered destruction and oppression for more than 25 years, and we still do. Isn’t that enough?
Dear Mr. Griffith:
We agree with you that war can destroy peace. It is now escalating on our borders with the north in Al-Dalia. We should never let war push peace off the table. But, are we, the southern, partners on that table of peace? Please, let us be so.
Best regards
Professor Abd Al-Nasser Al-Wali
Member of the Southern National Assembly
Chairman of Aden Local Leadership – the Southern Transition Council
Vice chairman of Humanitarian Aids Committee – the Southern Transition Council

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