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Al-Wali: “We work in silence in all directions but we are not absent. We understand the position of our brothers in the countries of the Arab Coalition and they understand the interests and rights of our Southern People”.

SMA News – Aden – Exclusive
Dr. Abd Al-Nasser Al-Wali, chairman od local leadership of the Southern Transitional Council in Aden, wrote a prolonged post on his official page on face book, dealing with several major points and clarifying the moves of the council inside and outside the country. He also referred to the understandings with our brothers in Arab Coalition. Dr. Al-Wali also referred to the southern-southern dialogue asserting that it works on strengthening the national link of the southern people inclusively. SMA News is publishing the post due to its importance.
Peace be Upon You.
We are frowning, but only for a while. The fine weather of November comes while Aden is suffering and people are praying for God’s mercy. Glorious festivals of November are approaching. We celebrate the First Independence while preparing for the second one.
We are working in all directions in silence to strengthen our internal front and southern links. We are working on a positive constructive dialogue with all national powers of the south on two axes:
The first is how to work together on legitimizing the restoration of the free independent sovereign southern state on the borders of May 21st, 1990. This includes all powers that agree on this goal, and they are really a majority.
The second is to coordinate understanding and consistency with southern powers on how to run the southern state in the future. This includes all southern citizens without exclusions as homeland is for all.
Internally, we are closely watching all tries of dividing the south and even provocative acts of some powers in the government who tried to remind the people with the doomed union through hanging flags and advertising campaigns. Or even, the shy tries of some government officials to affect the decisions of Aden organization to recover control over it, even with soft power.
Due to the hard times of war, Aden is a temporary incubator of some powers that still dream of turning us back to the corrupt state of military tribal occupation, even under new twisted names.
The supreme interest of the southern people necessitate that we should bear this situation but you shouldn’t test our patience as we are fed up with all this.
Our heroes in the battlefields of honor are sacrificing their souls and blood in all front, including Al-Hodeida, hoping that this great victory will be the last before peace prevails in the south and the crisis of our brothers in Sanaa comes to and end. But everyone should know that our heroes have an eye on their direct enemy on the front while the other is watching Aden carefully to protect it from anything that may disturb it security, stability and freedom. Their bodies are in the front while their souls and hearts are in Aden.
We are working with the state departments in Aden and we are trying to help them decrease the suffering of our people as the security, stability and welfare of citizens are our only target under all conditions. On the security level, we decreased all causes of tension from our part.
We don’t see any potential enemies among southern powers. We may differ in points of views but we all agree on the nation and this agreement is fostered day after day.
Externally, we knocked all doors on the regional and international levels, in secret and in public, hoping that we may help achieving military victory that ends the war that burnet down my country. We hope for defeating the non-patriotic, illegal, inhumane and even unethical extension project that will never serve the interests of the northern people first, and second, it will never serve the interests of the southern people and the Arab Nation.
We worked, and will continue work, with Martin Griffith, UN Envoy to Yemen, to positively participate in any dialogues, meetings, consultations and negotiations that aim to solve our southern cause with a rightful solution according to UN convention to grant our people their right of self-determinations through their free will.
We have continuous consultations with our brothers in the region, especially countries of the Arab Coalition led by Saudi Arabia and UAE. We understand their concerns and they understand our interests and rights. They bear the boredom of the whole Arab Nation and we fully understand that we are in the same boat together till we reach the shores of safety.
The first Independence Day is approaching and so is the Second Independence. The south is now at hands of his sons. We need only to be a little bit patient and wise to legitimize our control over it. We will never let it go again. Our forefathers liberated it on November 30th, 1967 and they sacrificed everything for this liberation while facing the then Great Britain. Today, we liberated it with our souls and blood. It is now as someone said: They are not mightier than Russia and we are not weaker than Chechnya. We are frowning, but only for a while.

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