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Al-Zubaidi Approves the Formation of a New Brigade in Al-Subaiha Axis

SMA News – Exclusive
General Aidarous Kassem Al-Zubaidi, president of the Southern Transitional Council and Supreme Commander of the Southern Resistance Troops, issued a presidential; decree forming a new military brigade in Al-Subaiha axis.
The new brigade is the sixth commandos brigade under commandership of Farouk Ali Said Al-Kalouly while Mahmoud Ali Mohamed Al-Aghiari was appointed as the brigade’s chief of staff.
Gameel Al-Aghiari, head of media department in Al-Mudaraba directorate, indicated that the brigade’s commandership received various equipment for the newly formed brigade. He asserted that the brigade will be the core of the southern army in Al-Subaiha and will protect all southern governorates against enemy attacks of Al-Houthis who are trying to return to the south.
Al-Kalouly and Al-Aghiari played major roles in the southern struggle and were part of the southern movement. They also took part in liberating Aden and stood against Al-Houthi militias during their try to return through AlSubaiha, north west of Al-Madaraba – Lahj.
During Al-Houthi invasion, Al-Kalouly was commander of the southern resistance in Al-Subaiha while Al-Aghiari was commander of Al-Aghiara front.
The decree is largely welcomed among the southern resistance in Al-Subaiha that faced all tries of imposing another reality on the ground.

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