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Al-Zubaidi Inspects Several Military Units and Attends Graduation Ceremony of New Recruiters of the First Brigade Commandos

SMA News – Aden – Exclusive
President Aidarous Kassem Al-Zubaidi, president of the southern transitional council and supreme commander of southern resistance, in accompaniment of Gewneral Ahmed Said Ben Brik, chairperson of the Southern National Assembly, inspected several military units in Aden to see for their readiness for combat. President Al-Zubaidi appreciated the discipline and combat performance of southern resistance and security belt troops calling them to be more alert. He asserted the importance of combat training as a core for the southern resistance morale.
During the visit, Al-Zubaidi attended the graduation ceremony of a new patch of recruiters of the first brigade commandos. He delivered the following speech:
In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful and Most Gracious
Fellow commanders, officers, NCOs and soldiers of the first brigade commandos
At the beginning, I’m proud of you all at the day you are graduating from training camps to join battlefields of honor and create new southern victories similar to previous victories created by your brothers of arms, protectors of our precious country.
Amid these clear agressions of Al-Houthis over several parts of our country, they believe they can change the military equation for their interest. But they forgot lessons of recent past when we exhaust their efforts just as you will do while packing up the Arab project led by the Arab Coalition. Invaders will realize that they are delusional as every time before.
Fellow heroes:
Today, you are heading to battlefields in Al-Dalia and I can see victory in your eyes. I can see bride and dignity. I fear nothing about you. today, you and your brothers of arms, will fight for the Arab project led by Saudi Arabia and UAE. Just as the southern achieved victories in the past, you will do so now and everyone will know that you can protect your homelands.
Today, you will expel aggressors and save innocent lives from death. You will give a new example of Arab solidarity. This war taught us precious lessons and we will use it to overcome all challenges and threats of the future.
Brave soldiers:
The southern transitional council and southern resistance will never fail the Arab Coalition. We will face the Iranian project in Yemen as a principle that is not less than fighting terrorism. Our attitude stems from our faith in regional security of the Arab peninsula in addition to protecting our Arab national security and the Arab nature of the region, its history, religions and political future.
Deliberate halt in other fronts controlled by Muslim Brotherhood will never make us give up fighting Al-Houthis and defeating them to liberate the occupied territories. We will help national resistance in the north and support them by all means till they regain control over their territories from Al-Houthis.
Packed with Arab Coalition, you will fight a real war against Al-Houthi coup. You will assert your full commitment with this fight till you achieve victory represented in the goals of Storm of Determination and Hope Restoration, in addition to our fair national goals.
Your participation is an example of real loyalty. Those who helped us to regain our territories, rebuild our powers and protect ourselves, we will help them in all stages. We are not like others as we are the personified example of loyalty.
Dear hero sons:
Last November, I told your fellows in Aden, during a similar parade, to be ready to reinforce battlefields with extra troops in case we are asked to do so by the Arab Coalition. Today, we will never accept these threats. The Arab Coalition needs us and we will be there for them. today, we are fulfilling our commitments practically not just in words. Those who believe in God, God will give them victory.
Hero warriors:
You are the real core of our southern army under regular military formations. You are walking steadily towards restoring your military and security systems to protect your country against terrorism, extremism and intruding thoughts. You will help those who once helped you. We and the Arab Coalition are at the same trench with one destiny and one future.
We are ready to sacrifice again for our goals of freedom, independence and restoring our state with full political rights. The south will only be built by the hands of his loyal sons and you are those sons. With you, the south will remain mighty, dignified and strong. Accept your responsibility and fulfill it.
Mercy for martyrs, quick heeling for the injured, freedom for captives and dignity and glory for our southern people.

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