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Al-Zubaidi Meets Griffith in Abu Dhabi

SMA News – Abu Dhabi – Exclusive
President Aidarous Kassem Al-Zubaidi of the southern transitional council met Mr. Martin Griffith, UN delegate to Yemen, and his deputy Mr. Moeen Shurim.
The meeting discussed security status in Aden and the South in addition to relevant issues of the political process and peace efforts. The meeting also discussed southern participation in UN-backed peace process in Yemen.
Mr. Griffith expressed UN condolences for the family of brigadier Muneer Mahmoud (Abu Yamama) and the whole southern people and his sorrow for the attack of Al-Gala Camp, describing it as a serious escalation.
President Al-Zubaidi indicated that the southern troops are continuing their war against terrorism and efforts to maintain security and stability in Aden and the whole south. He demanded the UN delegate to participate seriously in relieving the suffering of the southern people who are under continuous attacks of Al-Houthis and other terrorist groups amid international silence. He indicated that the council will defend the southern people and the people will preserve the national achievements.
Al-Zubaidi also asserted that peace will never be achieved without actual southern participation as a major and independent part of peace process.
Dr, Nasser Al-Khabji, Murad Al-Halemy, Lotfy Shatara, members of the council’s presidency, in addition to Fadl Al-Gaadi, deputy secretary general of the council, and Mohamed Al-Ghaithi, vice chairman of international affairs department, attended the meeting.

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