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Al-Zubaidi to BBC: The South is Determined to Restore its State

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General Aidarous Kassem Al-Zubaidi, president of the Southern Transitional Council, indicated that, in addition to war against Al-Houthi militias, the council is concerned with facing and eliminating terrorism from all over the south.
He said that the council represents the whole south and Gulf Cooperation Council recognized the southern state in 1994 and there is no anger against the council right now.
He also asserted that the south is fully determined to establish the southern state, away from the sectarian state encouraged by Al-Houthis and other parties.
He added that there are several question marks about Al-Eslah and their failure in military determination in some fronts for four years now. He indicated that the council didn’t put Taiz under siege and the governorate is getting support from several parties.
He also added that UAE is part of the Arab Coalition summoned by president Hady and the Emirati role in fighting terrorism is very distinct. He asserted that UAE has no secret prisons in the south and such talks are false rumors.
Al-Zubaidi asserted that the southern people seek establishing their state according to respect of rights and freedoms. He added that the Yemeni case is different as the south is seeking to restore its state that had a seat in UN and all other international councils and not like other separatist groups around the world. He added that salaries of southern troops are paid by the Arab Coalition, just like other troops.
He indicated that there is no problems in Socotra indicating that assuming Emirati nationality is an individual choice of some citizens of the island.

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