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An Internationally Wanted Terrorists Receive Monthly Salaries from the So-Called Legitimacy Government

SMA News – Exclusive
Official documents revealed that a wanted person for USA, who is accused of terrorism-related charges, is still receiving his salary as a governor of Al-Baida from the so-called legitimacy government.
Documents indicated that Naef Saleh Al-Qaisi who is on the US lists of wanted terrorists is still receiving his monthly payment (90 thousand Yemeni Riyals) without any consideration of the US decision of putting him in terrorists’ lists.
Other documents clearly showed that the legitimacy is financing persons accused of supporting terrorism and appointing them to high rank official positions inside the Yemeni legitimacy government although they are supporting and working for dangerous terrorist groups that threaten US national security and world national security as well.
One of those is Abd Al-Wahab Al-Humikani, consultant of Yemeni president Abd Rabu Mansour Hady, although there is a US decision of putting him on terrorists’ lists with sanctions for financing terrorist acts.
On October 25th, 2017 US Treasury imposed sanctions over (8 persons and one entity) who are either leaders, financers or facilitators of terrorist acts in ISIS and Al-Qaeda in Yemen and the Arab Peninsula. According to US executive order no. 13224, Naef Saleh Salem Al-Qaisi, Abd Al-Wahab Mohamed Abd Al-Rahman Al-Humikani, Hashem Mohsen Aidarous Al-Hameed and Rahma charity organization were all listed in terrorism lists.
The decision, issued by Center for targeting terrorism finance, came with cooperation of Saudi Arabia, co-chairman of the center, in addition to all members of the center that include UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman. These collective measures taken were the first since the establishment of the center during US president Donald Trump to the region in May.
Okaz, a Saudi news paper published a report on October 26th, 2017 saying that sources indicated that the name of Saleh Al-Qaisi, who was governor of Al-Baida, is among other names in the decision that targeted leaders, financers and facilitators of Al-Qaeda and ISIS. US Treasury previously imposed sanctions over Al-Qaisi and accused him of being a prominent leader in Al-Qaeda.
Us Treasury also accused Al-Qaisi with financing Al-Qaeda through foreign parties outside Yemen in addition abusing his official job as governor of Al-Baida to facilitate the expansion of Al-Qaeda in Al-Baida through transferring money and weapons to Al-Qaeda terrorists.

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