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Angry Demonstrations in Halmeen – Lahj Demand Dismissal of “Hunger Government”

SMA News – Halmeen – Lahj – Exclusive
Angry demonstrations, coming from mountains of Halmeen, marched the streets of Hubil Al-Rida – Lahj on Saturday August 11th, 2018, demanding the dismissal of what they called “Hunger government”.
Members of the southern transitional council of Halmeen, tribal leaders, citizens, workers, teachers, retirees and a large number of forcefully retired military personnel who were dismissed by Sanaa in 1994, participated in the demonstrations.
Angry protesters raised slogans against the corruption of the legitimacy government and demanded its immediate unconditioned dismissal. Demonstrators also raised banners describing the vicious, mass punishment acts of this corrupt government against the southern people.
Demonstrators indicated that this government practiced all types of oppression, unjust and humiliation against the southern people. They demanded unconditioned dismissal of the government describing it as “Hunger Government” and demanded not to test the patience of the southern people any more.

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