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Battel of Al-Dalia … Exhaustion of Al-Houthi Militias

Written by: Ahmed Said Karama – Southern Writer
Al-Houthis committed a tactical and military mistake when they opened Al-Dalia front. The battel of Al-Dalia turned from its aim to enforce pressure over southern troops in the west coast to withdraw from Al-Hodeida into a war of exhaustion where Al-Houthis paid a heavy price.
This is the first battel between the north and south, away from the Storm of Determination, since summer of 1994. Al-Houthis are the sole controller over north of Yemen. This means they have the biggest military force. Defeating this force and deterring them from penetrating into southern territories is the actual launch of the Southern National Army. This army was the result of years of southern struggle for the rightful southern cause.
Brigades of Mareb and Taiz are mere salary sheets. The southern are now overcoming past and present and go towards the future.
According to military traditions, attacking troops should outnumber the defenders to win the battel, in addition to logistic support of ammunition and vehicles. This exactly what Al-Houthis could not afford after four years of war. If the battels of Al-Dalia are to continue more than two months this will mean a shameful defeat of Al-Houthis due to the lack of logistic support.
This battel lacks strategic targets like the Port of Al-Hodeida. The only objective was to break up the national spirit of the southern. Our plan should exhaust the enemy and not to penetrate into northern territories and liberate them. we should advance slowly from Kataba and to open gaps that will exterminate the enemy.
Balance of power is in our favor, thanks to God, our loyal heroes and support of UAE armed forces.

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