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Be Ware of Vicious War Against the South

Written by:
Alaa Adel Hanash – Southern Journalist

Escalating events since southern resistance gained control over Aden and parts of Abian and Shabwa exposed clearly all anti-south alliances. Things are now very clear as three military brigades loyal to the legitimacy surrendered with full weapons to Al-Houthis a few days ago. Things need no further explanation. The southern now should realize the crucial stage we live in and how enemies of the south are conspiring against the south and southern resistance.
Tries of Muslim Brotherhood militias to mobilize in some governorates along with shy and failure attacks of Al-Houthi militias in Al-Dhala’a (northern borders of the south) give clear indications of these two groups’ hatred to the south and their urge to over throw the southern resistance. These desperate tries fail in the face of southern resistance that gave these two groups very cruel lessons in fighting. Their severe loses dragged them to use mean methods including tries to spread racism and chaos in the south. Observing media of these out-law groups indicates that they are launching a media war against the south. A massive network of Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Houthis spread rumors among the southern to try to shake their confidence. Till now, all these tries failed as the southern realized the vicious intentions of these two groups. But we fear that they continue this war through spreading rumors to divide the south and this conquer it with military troops.
Recent events were in favor of the south. We should preserve these gains. But can do so only through fixed bases. Our basics should be unity, lineup, facing all changes courageously preserving our victories and sacrifices of our martyrs, being ready for the enemy, accepting each other, avoiding hatred and racism, and above all avoiding regionalism. This is my word to all southern.

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