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Behind the Scenes: Reports Expose the Role of Turkey and Muslim Brotherhood in Smuggling Africans Into Aden

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During the last months of last year, and till now, liberated governorates of the south witnessed an increasing number of African migrants who pass through several parts of the south, especially coastal territories like Aden, Abian, Hadhramaut, Al-Mehra and Socotra. Security systems in Aden arrested several thousands of illegal African immigrants who spread massively all over the city but the International Migration Organization objected to the decisions of their expulsion.
Yemeni Legitimacy Shuts Down Immigrants’ Prisons in Aden:
Yemeni legitimacy government, controlled by Muslim Brotherhood, shut down prisons of illegal African immigrants in Aden. The decision, issued by minister of interior affairs Ahmed Al-Muiasery, came in response to provocative campaigns launched by Yemeni Muslim Brotherhood against security systems of Ade. Thousand of illegal African immigrants were released and spread in and outside Aden.
Turkish Military Base in Mogadishu Smuggles Africans to Aden:
International media sources indicated that the Turkish Military Base in Mogadishu – Somalia supervises and coordinates smuggling of African immigrants from Somalia and other African countries into Yemen. Sources also indicated that Turkish personnel and Muslim Brotherhood leaders deal with representatives of the International Migration Organization to smuggle Africans into Yemen legally under the umbrella of the organization via the Turkish Military Base in Somalia. Furthermore, sources indicated that the organization delivers African immigrants to Al-Houthis and Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen.
Al-Houthis and Muslim Brotherhood Recruit Africans:
Military experts indicated that Al-Houthi militias recruited thousand of African immigrants and sent them to battel fronts. Experts also indicated that the organization coordinates with Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Houthi militias who both take their shares of immigrants. Muslim Brotherhood sends Africans to terrorist camps in Mareb and Hadhramaut Valley. Experts also asserted that this trade is supported by supporters of the brotherhood inside and outside Yemen with full knowledge of the International Migration Organization.
Residents of Aden and other southern territories wonder how the International Migration Organization would allow Africans into a country that suffers from war and its citizens are refugees all over the world themselves.

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