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Ben Brik, at the Memorial Service of Zahra Saleh: “We Need to Lineup at the Face of Conspiracies Against the South”.

SMA News – Aden – Exclusive

The Southern National Assembly organized a memorial service for the late Zahra Saleh, with attendance of presidency members, chairmen of general secretariat departments and a massive crowd of fellows of the late struggler.
General Ahmed Said Ben Brik, delivered a speech saying: “We may fail to express our real appreciation of the late for her glorious role in the southern struggle for the southern cause. She was truly the “Rock of the South” who vanquished oppression and tyranny. We should not forget that today we are paying farewell to another southern struggler, the martyr “Mohamed Saleh Tammah” who martyred in the mean attack of Al-Anad Base last Thursday. What happened to Tammah and his companions, to whom we wish quick healing, is targeting the south and the southern. So, we really need to lineup in the face of conspiracies against the southern people and southern cause”. Ben Brik indicated that there are preparations for an inclusive dialogue for all southern components that will be initiated soon.
Dr. Anis Lockman, vice chairman of the southern national assembly, also delivered a speech saying: “Zahara Saleh was an extraordinary person who struggled a lot for the south and broke all chains imposed to her. We say to her that we will actualize your dreams of restoring the southern independent state”.
Saleh Abdullah, father of the late, indicated that he received lost of condolences letters from Arab and European writers and journalists. He also talked about her strong and fearless spirit in the face of detention, oppression and assault as she got out of each crisis even stronger. He ended his words saying “We will not say farewell to Zahra but we will say that the south will achieve the dream of the independent state”.
Several figures and poets talked about the late and they seemed touched with a video showing excerpts of her life, her illness and her treatment journey.
Zahra Saleh is considered a prominent southern figure who joined politics in 2005 and succeeded to initiate numerous activities. She was a field leader in the southern movement who called for freedom and independence for the south till she died after severe illness in Egypt, where she was being treated at the expense of the Southern Transitional Council since November 29th, 2018.

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