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Brotherhood bargains for the release of terrorists in exchange for Al-Faidhi

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The director of Lahj governorate Security, Major General Saleh al-Sayyid, declared the refusal of the authorities of Shabwa, which are subjected to the Brotherhood’s terrorist militias, to release the deputy director of the governorate Security, Mohammad al-Faidhi Abu Sam, who had been detained for six months.

He said that the Brotherhood’s militia bargained for the release of Al-Faidhi, in exchange for the release of terrorists held in Lahej security.

He added in his speech, during a meeting of the authorities of Lahj governorate, on Tuesday, that Lahj security leadership has knocked all legal and judicial doors for the release of Abu Sam, stressing that the governor of Shabwa and its director of security refused to comply with judicial decisions.

al-Sayyid stressed on the intention of Lahj governorate security to take escalatory measures in the event that the Brotherhood militia continues to be in Shabwa governorate, and not to release the prisoner Abu Sam.

It is noteworthy that the terrorist Brotherhood militia, which is affiliated with the legitimate government in Shabwa, captured Abu Sam in the events of last August.

The Brotherhood militias declined to release Al-Faidhi in prisoners exchange deal between the Southern Transitional Council and the legitimacy government in mid-January.

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