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The Legitimacy is No Longer Legitimate!!

I read a piece of news on a group saying: “the legitimacy is intimidated by international interest in the Southern Transitional Council”. This is true no a joke. Under the presidency of General Aidarous Kassem Al-Zubaidi, the council is not a group of scattered bodies. It is now a presidential …

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Al-Qaeda in Khoura: Elimination and Hauling

For a long time, Al-Qaeda resided in Khoura and established camps in its valleys and reefs to be used in terrorist acts. Al-Qaeda penetrated deeply in Khoura especially with Shabwa Elites expelling its cells from Azzan, Al-Houta, Al-Saeed and Al-Musainea. They became a major concern of citizens who sought to …

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Our Cause is to Restore Our State

We don’t demand improvement in life conditions. We don’t need higher salaries. We even don’t seek to overthrow a government. Our cause and goal are freedom and independence to the south. We want our state back. Those who think we will derail our cause from it course are dreaming. One …

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What was Taken by Force Will only Be Restored by Force

To those who think reasonably in the Arab South I speak, away from religious emotions and nationalistic notions. We should learn from history, before or after 1990 and anywhere on the globe. If we reconsider events of Russian history and how most of its state gained independence and what would …

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UN secretary General, Griffith… and the Southern Cause

Undeniably, the southern cause is now in focus for the international society. It is very hard for them to marginalize it especially as the southern resistance is controlling the ground. The southern transitional council is another difficult number in the equation that no one can overcome it especially as the …

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The Southern Transitional Council… Locomotor of Homeland

The Southern Transitional Council is the entity that carries concerns of our homeland. It is more like a train that contains the southern people in its coaches. Those who think of demolishing can never embrace a cause. Therefore, we should all support the project of the Southern Transitional Council, regardless …

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