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Whispers of the Pen: The Teacher’s Day

This year, the teacher’s day coincides with a state of oppression and humiliation against teacher, starting with arrests and detentions and not ending with depriving them of their salaries among all employees of this miserable state as the two governments agreed once and for all on one thing: deriving teacher …

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The Southern State in the Eyes of International Law

Introduction and Preliminary Thoughts Since 1994 war, South Yemen underwent two legal trials, in 1194 and in ‎‎2015, and at least four stages to restore the occupied state. But changes in ‎international politics hindered these efforts although the Arab Region stood ‎with South Yemen in the war against Al-Houthi and …

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10 Points for History about the Southern Movement

·        The Southern Movement is a popular revolution that no force, country, party or organization managed to obliterate ·        The Southern Movement did not blackmail the Arab Ally. Instead, it fought Iran’s agents and formed an ally with gulf States to fight militias although these States did not recognize it. …

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Israel’s information war

Like “information warfare” generally, Israel’s information war takes a number of forms. On the one hand it disseminates information in order to discredit its enemies and possibly even blackmail them into submission. Its information war also seeks to influence opinions to suit its own ends. Into this category comes propaganda, …

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When Patriotism Overrides Geography and Sovereignty

When patriotism overrides geography and sovereignty, it becomes more like repulsive subjection that does harm for homeland and citizens as well. Those who do so are mercenaries and countries run by men like them are more vulnerable to destruction the moment external interests are in conflict with internal ones. In …

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What if !!!

    What if Arab allied countries and the legitimate government of Yemen have a plan for restructuring? What if they expend money not on military munitions for this useless war in its third year but on real construction? What if conflicts among Arab brothers, especially Saudi Arabia and UAE …

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