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When Patriotism Overrides Geography and Sovereignty

When patriotism overrides geography and sovereignty, it becomes more like repulsive subjection that does harm for homeland and citizens as well. Those who do so are mercenaries and countries run by men like them are more vulnerable to destruction the moment external interests are in conflict with internal ones. In …

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What if !!!

    What if Arab allied countries and the legitimate government of Yemen have a plan for restructuring? What if they expend money not on military munitions for this useless war in its third year but on real construction? What if conflicts among Arab brothers, especially Saudi Arabia and UAE …

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The Southern Transitional Council and the Current Stage

In Aden, the historic capital of the south, the southern transitional council was born in May 2017 with blessings of rejoicing citizens who assured that this is a great victory for the south and its rightful cause. This achievement disturbed some powers that tried, and are still trying, to make …

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