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To the Government … Lies and Rumors Will Never Do Good

The government and other bodies of the legitimacy spend tens of millions monthly on media tools and e-commissions to attack the southern transitional council through lies and rumors. My advice is to save this money for clearing streets of wastes, supporting electric or health sectors, illuminating one dark street in …

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Men of Actions and Actions of Men

We wonder when some persons welcome us warmly and praise our patriotic deeds while they are ambushing us through suspicious allies. We always watch them patiently taking the wrong path through working against the southern project and people with satanic effort and tricks. Ironically, they are decoyed by our patience …

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Three Parallel Paths are Required for the South

The southern transitional council should have support of all southern persons who work with legitimacy central authority and not to work against it so that the council can represent the southern cause internally and externally. Military path represents an integrated work between soldiers, officers and field commanders of southern resistance …

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Be Aware of Fallacies and Stealing Victories

“Concerning Al-Hodeida, there are troops, especially the presidential guards’ troops trained for city war, that can eliminate this gang”. This is what Khaled Al-Shugaa, member of the conference party and a man of Affash, when Sky News reporter asked him yesterday. I participated in this interview about plans for facing …

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Al-Hodeida and What is After

When Al-Houthis started their coup, USA welcomed it. UAS didn’t see it as a sectarian coup. Instead, it thought of it as a partner in US anti-terrorism strategy. Coup was the lightning bolt that started a sectarian conflict. USA considered this coup as a strategic partner in anti-terrorism war, regardless …

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In Memory of Wajdy Al-Sunidi Al-Yafeai

On June 8th, 2015, Wajdi Ahmed Hasan Al-Sunidi fell as a hero martyr in the battel of dignity to liberate the southern soil from Yemeni Occupation militias in “Akamat Salah” – Al-Dalia. Today is the third anniversary of his martyrdom. Wajdi Ahmed Hasan Al-Sunidi was born in 1982 in Amsdara …

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